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Pestokill: Pest Control Company

'Pestokill'-Pest Control Company Canada is a name that is synonymous with reliable and quality pest control services. It goes without saying how the GTA and surrounding areas are infested by pests that wreak havoc in the lives of the residents of these areas and sometimes you would even be blissfully unaware of how and when these unwelcome visitors have invaded your dwelling. Pestokill figures as one of the top pest control companies in Canada. The staffs of Pestokill consist of highly trained and expert pest exterminators in Canada. Our experts use the latest know-how and technology to assess the root causes of and type of pest infestation and besides specialising in nearly all types of pest control services they are the No. 1 in Mice Control Services in Canada. The pest removal services that we provide includes control or total eradication of rodents (especially mice), flies, ants, rats, fleas, mites, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wasps, spring bugs. The geographical areas that we cover in the GTA include: Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Bolton, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Orangeville, Etobicoke, North York, Oakville, Whitby, Brookville to name a few.

Our pest exterminators have the right combination of expertise and experience. We are apt at detecting the presence of mice in your vicinity on the basis of or knowledge and experience. We would recommend you to take some beforehand measures and actions in helping us to assist you in controlling and eradicating mice in your premises.

  • All food should be stored in refrigerators and there should be none in jars or can lying in the open
  • Any holes in the walls should be repaired
  • When your mice exterminator arrives discuss with him the areas you have seen the mice in
  • Get rid of any boxes or clothing or paper that is not required as the mice might use these for shelter

So, please help us to help you. Our exterminators aim to not only control but totally eradicate the mice problem in your house or office.

Anytime you need our services please feel free to make an emergency call (free of charge) and we will be right there at your doorstep. We will schedule our visits to your home or office at periodic intervals so that the whole process is carried out in a well organised manner. If at all you face a problem between our two successive visits we will make a trip free of charge. We have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services. Our testimonials by our satisfied clients are a living proof of the level and quality of pest eradication services that we provide at reasonable prices. So, what you get is good value for money!

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with an affordable and reliable prices. We use procedures that comply with the governmental health and safety regulations. We use safe and non-toxic chemicals for eradication of pests. You and your loved ones’ safety is our top priority. So, anytime you need same day services or nest day services, please feel free to call us at Local Number 416-907-8509 or Toll Free: 1-888-571-6835. We are just a call away!


A comprehensive pest control services can make your surrounding healthy and worth living but for that purpose you have to hire some professional

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